Sunday, May 20, 2007

Saturday spinning this week was actually at spinning guild - the first time I've been there in six months. There must have been almost sixty people there this month. I don't know if that's been typical (see above), but it was nice to see. If it is typical, we're definitely outgrowing our space. The topic of the month was bring your kids: let's learn to spindle spin and to knit on knitting looms (those handheld overgrown knitting spools). I don't know how the knitting looms went - I hung out with the spindlers. This is the last spindleful of the blue to be done.
The red has been done long since (and been banging around the house as you can see by the poor tubes). I'm still undecided about whether I'm going to ply them together or whether I should ply each of them with a third color. Decisions, decisions. Any suggestions?

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cindy said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....I tough decision. Try a bit of plying them together to see if you like the result.Great colors!