Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The weather has been ... different. It's been snowing, but the ground has been too warmed up to really have it stick for long periods. It's been sleeting. It's been slushing. It's been doing a weird combination of snowing combined with rain (large fat flakes of snow drifting down between pelting rain drops). It's been raining snow - huge clumps of snow pelting down with the force of rain. That was all yesterday.

Today it's raining. Just rain, nothing bizarre. The forecast is rain for the next few days, then warming up, sunny and bright, just in time for Saturday. What's up with that? Doesn't the weather know the proper order - sunny and bright all week when few can get out to enjoy it, then rain all weekend?

The falconcam in Rochester is back up and running again, at a new address. There was a new female falcon spotted in Rochester this winter, but when Mariah showed up from wherever she winters over, she chased the new gal off. Mariah and Kaver have 4 eggs this year and brooding is happening. Kaver apparently didn't think much of the weather yesterday and was willing to ignore his mate's opinion of the weather and of him.

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