Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The garden was sending up crocuses - they popped out of the ground, opened up in a shy way, then the weather turned colder and snowed. Two inches of snow was enough to mash some of them down, but they are doing their best to open up and spread a little cheer.
The purple ones were quickest off the mark, so they suffered the most damage in being squished, but some of the others are still just fine.

I still have company (different company) but a little bit of spinning is happening. Looks just like the last spinning, but I swear it's different.
And I dug out a stitchery project that has been on hold long enough. This is Catch the Wind, a Butternut Road pattern (Told in a Garden). I started it before we left Oregon, 3 years ago in January. It got packed up and left in storage for a while, then didn't get gotten back to because I was in the middle of other things. I knew I hadn't had all the colors I needed for it. I finally went and bought the rest. This represents the colors I did have (29 colors). I had to buy 17 colors more. MLI always has been noted for her wonderfully shaded pieces.
Addendum: The lace pattern was one of the ones from Barbara Walker II - I'll get the exact name when I don't have company (particularly a 5 yo nephew full of bounce) to distract me...

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