Saturday, March 10, 2007

Some spinning has taken place this week - dark and pale bobbins are done - to be closely followed by number 3.
The moosie has made progress with the merino/silk (mostly while waiting at music lessons)
But by far the greatest amount of time has been taken up by the costume for K. Oklahoma is the play this year, and she needed a calico dress. (never mind the cat, who was only doing her best to help, obviously). The dress is done, the blouse (not pictured) is done, and I can go back to spinning. And knitting. And whatevering, before class starts on Monday.
Housework, perhaps? Nah. We still have 3 weeks before the hordes arrive to observe their darling grandchild.


Cathy said...

Nice spinning - love the variations of color. I am also laughing about the hordes descending to see the darling in "Oklahoma". I immediately thought of Genghis Khan... then of Mongolia then of yak and then - spinning yak. Fiber is a wonderful thing.

Elizabeth said...

We don't have single track minds, now do we? ;-) Fiber is indeed wonderful.

I like the color variation of beast, but not so much the variation in texture. I'm pondering that for future reference.

Margene said...

Look at your beautiful white cat...almost as beautiful as your spinning! ;-)


Dear Elizabeth, How do you like your moosie??
ALso WONDERFUL spinning!! Do you use a tensioned lazy kate?
I think your blending came out great.
Are you going to overdye this ? What type of wool is it.. oh just brimming with questions again!!
Would love to watch you spin!

fibergal said...

Thanks for the heads up on the kate. Can you post photos?