Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It's snowing. I can't find the camera. I've got to shovel the drive again. J did it once, but it's been snowing constantly ever since and there's another two inches to be removed. One offspring is home with the stomach bug.

/* delete a long rant about throwing up - you don't really want to read it */

In knitting news, I've finished knitting but not finished two more red scarves which need to get mailed soon. I've finished two hats, which have become J's and mine. I lost my hat since last year's wearing. I've been busy knitting hats for various causes, but I found myself eyeing hats in the store because, dammit, I NEED A HAT. Preferrably non-acrylic, because the wind here goes straight through acrylic as though it wasn't even on my head. I actually put my hand up one time to feel where my hat had blown off and the confounded thing was still there, not that my head could tell.

So. J and I now have fraternal hats (pictures coming soon, as soon as I find the camera). His has wool around the forehead and alpaca for the crown. He put it on inside and we were delayed a moment going out, and he whisked it off again - That's WARM - he says, and I nodded, Yep, that's why I gave it to you. Even with his hat and coat, he shivers when we take the dog for a walk and the wind is blowing feels-like 20 F. Not that night. And I didn't wind up with the muscles in my back all clenched up either.

This you may have seen before. It's a bump of Rosemary Falkland wool (Dunnose Head Farm), which I dyedup. It's been sitting for a while, waiting its turn at the spinning wheel, and waiting until I muddled through how I wanted to spin it. You must admit there's a bunch of different possibilities. I pinched off the solid ends and spun them on the spindle.

The rest of it, I've been spinning up working from one end to the other (blue to red) and then Navajo-plying it. (yes I know that they've come up with a PC name for it, but I always forget. Chain plying?) It's going to be interesting.

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