Friday, January 26, 2007

It's snowing again. Having been mostly like spring for two weeks at the beginning of the month, we're finishing the month with a bang. We've had an inch or two of snow a day for about a week now and it's forecast to continue this way for the next week.

S has a snowfort mighty to behold - the sort of snowfort I would have killed to be able to make when I was his age in Maryland, which may get snow, but not the cold that lets it stay and stay. He still has no friends in the neighborhood to use it with him (they hurry from the schoolbus to their warm sofa to play their PS2 or gamecube, ignoring the delights of the outside. This differs from summer, because then their sofa is airconditioned.) but he has now acquired friends from a wider area who are deeply enthused and there have been at least two major snowball wars.

I finished the project that had me panicky - it was sent off Wed. at 11:45 pm, due at 11:59. I did notice that just over half the class was still logged in at 11:30. This is the closest I've cut any of my assignments and I really hate it. As I told J, I should have started panicking about that project about four days earlier and I'm starting on panicking about the next one today. This class is just a killer in the amount of complex detailed stuff expected in a short period of time. I've no idea how I'll get graded on that one.

There is knitting happening here, but only the mindless sort (peddlar's shawl - straight garter stitch for the first umpteen rows) and there is spinning, but I haven't had the oomph to get pictures taken. Yesterday I felt like I was waking up from a fever - the last few days are just a blur.

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