Friday, December 22, 2006

** Edited to take the map out - it's too cumbersome. Cool, but cumbersome. Suffice it to say that I've visited all but 5: Alaska, Kansas, Montana, North Dakota, and Rhode Island. Hard to believe sometimes, but there you go. 48 years of traveling, and all that.

create your own visited states map

Sheri posted this one, so of course I had to run off and get my list of states made up. Can you tell I've taken innumerable trips cross country? Hawaii was a deliberate trip and Alaska will have to be also. Actually, at this point, I may have to make deliberate trips to get any of the rest of the ones I need for a full 50.

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SculleryMaid said...

If you're going to make a special trip to Rhode Island, I recommend Newport or Block Island. I've found the people in Kansas to be very nice in the three times I've driven end to end across their state, and it's more attractive than Nebraska.

Happy Holidays!