Thursday, June 22, 2006

Why do people who don't spin/knit/ weave/crochet/ sew/whatever think that what spinning/ knitting/ weaving/ crocheting/ sewing/ whatevering takes is patience? Patience is what it takes to watch your child do something slowly and clumsily in 3 minutes when you could do it in 15 seconds flat. Patience is what it takes to wait (and wait and wait) at the doctor's office while they don't call your name. Patience is what it takes to wait at the gym (or the soccer field or the baseball field or the music store) while your kid has practice or a lesson. Patience is what it takes to not scream on a 10 hour driving trip when your kid just asked 'are we there yet' for the 15th time and you still have 8 hours to go.

It might take patience to learn to knit or sew or whatever, but after that knitting or sewing or crochet or spinning is what gives me patience to do all of the above. Not a bad return on investment.


The Purloined Letter said...

Yes! I am still quoting you about not having the patience NOT to knit.

I do recognize that in addition to helping me get through other things, knitting teaches me a kind of patience as well.

carolyn said...

When people tell me "I don't have the patience" to do whatever, I always WANT to say, well, I don't have the patience to sit around all day with my thumb up my ass!

Devorah said...

Amen! You said exactly what I feel.