Saturday, April 15, 2006

Being the compleat lemming when I finish a project, I often wind up starting the next project by picking the thing up from my to-do pile that I have most recently seen someone else doing. In this case, that is the Hyrna Hergorbar from the "Three Cornered and Long Shawls" from Schoolhouse Press. Yes, I'm using the translation also. I got the book last fall and have been drifting back and forth through it, trying to decide what first. What first has now been decided, thanks to Claudia, and I cast on two nights ago. I have quickly determined that this is not a shawl to knit while doing much of anything else. Classical music on the stereo is ok. Nothing else. I have gotten to row 21, 75 stitches, and am about to tink it back since I have made a mistake in row 20. I have enough of the pattern down visually that it doesn't take a whole lot of careful scanning of the chart for every stitch, but the middle and ends are where the action is and I've goofed it up.

This pattern is not amenable to my standard methods of keeping track of what I'm doing with lace. So far, I'm counting each side of the midline, but that will become cumbersome quickly. I'm still pondering the problem.

Sadly, pictures will have to wait until I have access to the camera again. I'm using some handspun I made with no particular aim in mind except "probable shawl". It's wheel spun, one strand alpaca and one strand tussah silk hankie. I've no idea on weight, wpi, ypp, or anything as I was a total sloth when I did this and just winged it. I'm pretty sure I have enough yardage available. Anyone want to take bets?

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beadlizard said...

For me it's been totally mindless -- want to talk through the way the increases work? Not home Monday but should be around the other days. Glad you lemminged! --syl