Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Progress is being made on the striped shawl. I'm dithering over how much yarn to save for the border. I've moved from thinking "i have plenty" to thinking "i better get spinning". Spinning would be good because I'd like the border to be fairly monochrome AND if I take out the skeins that are currently appropriate, the balance of the shawl swings to darker than I'd like. SO... I think I need to rid the spindles of the blue silk and go back to spinning BFL.

Knitting has been going on swimmingly. I'd been neglecting the jaguar for the knitting, but this is becoming bad for the wrists. I'm making myself stop and do stitching in the evening, partly because I don't want to lose momentum on the jaguar and partly because I really need to not knit. We're down to the nose now, at least in outline.

I trundled over to the shop and let her persuade me that lavender is really a shade of grey and will look just peachy keen under the jaguar's chin. I remain unconvinced, but this is why other people's color designs always look better to me than my own. He's really looking almost 3d in this pic isn't he?

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