Monday, January 02, 2006

So. 2005 is gone and 2006 stretches before us. "Resolution" time. The only problem with that is that I made all the resolutions I wanted to about 2 months ago and now the only resolution left to make is to get myself back on schedule tomorrow. The relatives have been visited, the tree is coming down today, the kids and the husband head back to their respective places and I need to get my butt in gear to finish Homework 3 and Project Section 1 before next week Monday when class resumes.

The house is somewhat cluttered with the debris of the past two weeks, but all in all I have hopes for the next month. The biggest thing that happened in the past few weeks is the acquisition of new storage units. The book shelves are put together and the books are out of the boxes in the dining room and into the shelves. This left room available for the dining table to actually go into the dining room and the china cabinet to go as well. There are 3, count them, 3 drawers in the cabinet, which is wonderful as, while I love the new kitchen, the only thing it really lacks is drawer space. I knew I didn't want a desk, I wanted cabinet space but I let them overrule me, and now I'm paying for it. The only real point of the desk was to have a place for a phone and when they screwed up and didn't put in the phone jack, well, whachergonnado.

My sister was a sweetie and turned me loose in the local spinning/yarn store to pick out my present. I waved her toward their specialty shelves and said anything there would be just dandy. So I now have a bump of merino/bombyx and two bits of flash to play with. I hadn't ever seen the flash in person - it's fun stuff. I have to get her a spindle to play with. I check out their bumps and recommended one for a beginner to try. All she needs is a decent spindle to start with. I'm sorry, but I don't recommend an Ashford boat anchor for beginning. Oh, Sheila...

It's snowy outside but beginning to rain and I doubt by tomorrow that there's be much white left. It's been a white Christmas for once but the better part of our snow season lies ahead of us, not behind. (The year we moved to Rochester, it was 60 F the day John arrived on 2 Jan. The next day it turned cold and it snowed for 34 days in a row after that.)

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