Saturday, January 14, 2006

Having gotten to the jaguar, I realized that I never really finished collecting up threads for this project. I knew I was missing one of the oranges - the source of the little dots left here and there in the upper portion of the head. I didn't realize I was missing all four of the greens for the eyes. Those I went and collected today.

While looking through the bag o' threads to decide which ones I had vs. needed, I found a lavender-y purple. Why is that in there? I ask as I toss it back in the bag. I made my list of threads needed and trundled off to the local Jo-Ann's (chosen from the list of possibilites due to the need for ordinary sewing needles as well). I ran down my list of threads while pawing through the jumble of lazy susans with floss-on-sale. The last thread on the list, once I found it, was the lavender purple I had rejected without checking its number.

So, where exactly does lavender purple go on a jaguar?

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