Friday, December 09, 2005

Yes, I know. Blogging always make me appear as though I had the attention span of a gnat. (hush, back there)

The problem is, there's all kinds of time available: Time when nobody is home and I don't have schoolwork or housework to do and can curl up with an audiobook and just knit or spin. Time when I have kids taking a half-hour music lesson and it's a twenty minute drive home-and-back that I'm not about to make. Time when I am co-leading a Girl Scout troop and I'm not on deck for the next ten minutes. Time when there's something interesting (nova? car race?) on that J wants to watch and I can curl up on the sofa with him but don't really need to watch the tv but I am paying attention.

Basically it breaks down into: 1. Time when I need something quick and simple that I can ditch at a moment's notice. 2. Time when I can work on something for longer periods but not so complicated that paying attention to something else for a few minutes is going to make me completely forget where I was and 3. Time when I can work on something complex and not have to worry about interruptions.

So, I wind up with multiple projects - one or more for each kind of time. (Although,I hate it when I have more than one for category 3. Those projects are usually months long at a time as it is - trying to rotate between them makes me insane[er than usual]).

This is currently a category 1. The EZ Stonington shawl is not difficult, at least in the center square, and is currently small enough to be ditched with very little notice as long as I get the needles pushed well through, and yes, I didn't do that at the drs. yesterday and spent 20 minutes putting it back on the needles and fixing dropped-and-run stitches.

It may wind up as a category 2 later on through sheer size, but that'll be ok except that I already have a category 2 (due to size) and then they'll be competing for time. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof - perhaps by then that category 2 will have moved into category 3 - knitted lace edging, only to be done with the pattern posted in front of me, my feet propped up and the headphones on.

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