Wednesday, December 07, 2005

This was one of those unintentional projects. K wanted to spin something, preferrably the Wild Raspberry targhee I had bought for myself I ordered her some. It didn't come and it didn't come. We went to Fingerlakes Fiber Fest (a lovely little fiber fest put on by our local guild) and she bought some red/white/blue stuff which is possibly Romney. Not bad stuff for a beginner to spin, except just ever so slightly felted and stiff from the dye job. Just enough to make it annoying to spin, rather than enjoyable. So, a week later when her wild raspberry targhee arrived, I inherited the red/white/blue stuff.

It is slightly annoying to spin. Particularly on a spindle where I don't have two hands to draft, at least, not in the way I want to draft. It's slightly grabby stuff, so it doesn't want to draft consistently. So, instead of a 2 ply on the spindle, I'm 3 plying it on the wheel. It's faster this way and when dealing with annoying stuff, faster is good.

J was taking pictures with the camera and caught Snowball in mid meyawn. He then went on to take all the cats' pictures - Bitsy in grey and rather indifferent and Tiger demonstrating why one doesn't get red-eye when taking cat pictures.

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