Saturday, December 10, 2005

Spinning guild meeting today and it was fun - holiday fiber gift exchange. Everyone (who wants to) brings 8 oz (or so) of prepared fiber, wrapped and unlabeled, and puts their name in a hat. As each person's name is drawn, they pick a present from the table, or that someone else has already drawn. If your present is stolen, you pick another present. When everyone in that round is through stealing presents, another person's name is drawn. Obviously, if you have your eye on a particular present, being drawn last is a benefit. This does not lend itself to finishing quickly: 39 presents took 1:10 to finish down to final distribution. I didn't count the longest stealing chain this year; last year's longest was 8 but I'm sure we beat that record this year.

Katy went with me, as she's now a member under the "family membership" plan I went with this time (I figure, if she's been to guild more than half the meetings this year, she ought to be a member). She wanted a particular present in blue shiny wrap and stole it 7 or 8 times only to lose it at the last minute. Oh, well. I do not feel too sorry for her - her gift was a lovely angora/wool roving. Which, coincidentally, was exactly what was in the blue gift she originally tried for. My gift contained llama and wool, which I was very pleased with, but which I can't photograph worth a darn in the dark. Maybe next time.

I needed a gift for a "girl's grab bag" at a party we're going to this evening. (Aside: Why on earth is a woman in her fifties referring to herself and other adult women as "girls"? It took me the longest time to grasp that when the invitation said "girl's grab bag" she meant ourselves, not our daughters. Anyway.) I walked in to guild and Wendy was selling hand made sushi soap. I love it. If whoever gets it doesn't, they'll just have to give it back to me.

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