Monday, November 28, 2005

Thanksgiving is over, the kidlings are back in school and I'm supposed to start school today too. Did my instructor post anything yet to start us off? No. Does this make me feel free and easy about doing other things? Obviously not. I'm in here on the computer checking (again) every half hour for any postings from the instructor. I think those warnings to the online students to be prepared to start promptly on time the first day of term have sunk in a little too far.

In the mean time, I'm following up on my promise to myself to get back with several programs, one of which includes updating my blog more frequently. I stubbed my toe hard on that when blogger wouldn't talk to me this morning.

This fits right in with the fact that my daughter missed her bus this morning (for the first time in two years so I really can't complain too much, although I warned her she's used up her one freebie) and my son announced last night at bedtime that he really wasn't sure what he was supposed to be doing in this morning's assignment and on further questioning admitted that 3x5 cards were involved which led to my scurrying about this morning looking for 3x5 cards in the many boxes still to be unpacked in the office. (Incidentally, also a loss of privilege to visit friends this afternoon as I fail to see how it should be necessary for me to be looking for 3x5 cards at 7:10 in the morning after a 4 day weekend, two days of which he was even at home. He could probably more easily have found 3x5 cards in his grandfather's office if he had thought to mention it while we were there.)

I seem to be in the middle of many projects and not finishing up much of anything. I have 3 different spindle projects going and one on the wheel (one waiting to get back on the wheel), two different knit projects and my husband's yarn waiting impatiently. I should go ahead and start that one because the first 15 or so inches will be stockinette in the round on size 3 needles - perfect mindless take anywhere knitting project.

Maybe I'll cast that one on this morning - a useful thing to take while I sit at the dermatologist's with youngest child.

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